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2-Years to 4-Years



As children in our care get closer to kindergarten, they gradually get more of the classroom experience.  Our Preschool Trainers get more sophisticated dramatic play materials like train sets and prop boxes.


Once in our Preschool program, children get the addition of weekly Stretch-n-Grow classes where children learn the names of their muscles, complete engaging exercises, and discuss healthy eating.  With more formal lessons and more detailed circle times, the academic and cognitive growth during this time is amazing.

Kids Painting


Children gain confidence in their learning abilities and expand their interests.  They really begin to develop a sense of self.  Building a positive sense of self is one of the many goals of our preschool program.  We believe (and research shows) that children who are confident and feel good about themselves are more successful in school.


Between ages 3 and 4 children gain more independence and pride in their abilities. As a TV-free facility, we encourage active engagement of our students, building their skills through play, music, movement, and art. We also focus this time on developing social skills and emotional awareness of self and others.

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