6-Weeks - 2-Years



Our infant program begins as early as six-weeks and continues to the 12-month mark.  As we maintain a 1:4, teacher: infant ratio, spaces in our infant class are extremely limited and are almost always reserved in advance. We strongly encourage expectant parents to begin the search for quality childcare sooner, rather than later.


The most amazing development happens, and at an incredible pace during the first year of life.  Babies are born to us totally dependent, but somehow (seemingly overnight) cross the threshold of infancy and become little walking, talking people. The “somehow” isn’t a mystery; keeping babies in a safe, trusting, nurturing, and stimulating environment promotes positive development.  The goal of our infant program is to provide that environment.  Our shoes-off infant room accommodates breast and formula fed babies as well as cloth or disposable diapers.  We use only filtered water for our infants unless you provide otherwise.  Once your child is eating solid foods, he/she can eat school meals or you can continue to provide solids from home.

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As tiny babies, these little humans work on an on-demand basis.  They eat and sleep as needed; they vocalize their needs with noises and cries. As they grow we gradually transition them from the on-demand style to a more scheduled one.  What used to be an 8:30, 8:50, or 9:15 feeding becomes the 8:45 feeding. The maybe-mini-afternoon-power-nap is replaced with a nap from 12-2. The feed-me-cry is shaped into the use of beginning word sounds and sign language. By the time children reach the 12-month mark, they are ready to make the big transition to our toddler class.


Once in our toddler classes, children get more exposure to art materials, music, and movement. We continue to provide healthful meals including breakfast, lunch, and snacks. We are juice-free and provide sippy cups for water for all children. Toddlers also enjoy their own playground with age-appropriate toys that work to develop fine and gross motor skills. Toddlers also begin potty training with the opportunity to sit on a training potty at each diaper change.


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