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4-Years to 5-Years



When students join our Pre-Kindergarten program, we gradually move them from a more play-based approach to a more structured one.  To best prepare students for kindergarten, we focus on developing the skills they need in an engaging way with the goal of not only making sure they are just ready, but are also excited to go.


Circle Time is a daily activity in the Pre_K class. Each day presents a chance to reinforce counting, patterns, and other concepts through calendar activities. Learning the days of the week and the months of the year will not only help the students learn concepts of time, but calendar time will also provide an opportunity for the class to build a sense of community as we sing songs about the day and greet each child in attendance.



Going to Kindergarten is a huge milestone for children, for which we want to ensure our students are fully prepared. The goal of the Pre-Kindergarten program is to make sure your child is ready academically, socially, and emotionally for all the challenges and demands of Kindergarten.

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